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Diesel is a brand with a youthful and alternative spirit, known the world over for its innovative attitude and distinct take on 'Italiano-Americana'. For his first season with the brand, artistic director Nicola Formichetti presents a foundational collection, re-looking at iconic pieces to determine what Diesel essentially is, and what it stands for.

Three of the timeless 'Diesel Icons' form the pillars of the collection: Leather-Rock'n'Roll, Denim and Military Utility. Each icon encompasses a view of the past and a route to the future for Diesel, whilst simultaneously intertwining influences from late 90s London nightlife and a contemporary urban nomad lifestyle.

Diesel's signature jean styles are available here at Woodhouse Clothing in a variety of washes and fits, from distressed light denim to rinsewashed indigo, straight through to tapered and skinny, the jeans offer a versatility allowing them to transcend from day to night, urban jungle to rural escape. Always offering something alternative, the Diesel Darron Regular Slim-Tapered Fit Jeans sport tuxedo details, with stripes to the external side of the silhouette, a hidden yoke and back pocket darts, all slimming and elongating the leg in a refined fashion.



Diesel History

The Diesel story began back in the early 70's when the brand's founder, Renzo Rosso, graduated from textile school with a unique vision. Rosso was born in 1955 and raised on a farm in the northeast Veneto region of Italy. A far cry from the typical Italian fashion mogul and likened more to a seasoned 'rock n rolla' - with his long curly hair and typical 3 day beard - he loved denim: the fabric of the 60's music scene. Like many growing up in that era, he saw denim jeans as a symbol of freedom and a protest against conformity.

This passion led to a disappointment at the jeans currently available, and highlighted a niche in the market - jeans that were already 'worn in', that already have that charming vintage feel that comes after years of dedicated wear. Rosso began experimenting - hand treating denim with stones to create this used look. A truly innovative step in the industry, this was the birth of vintage denim - something that no-one else was doing at the time, and that has been mimicked by virtually every denim brand since.

In 1975, Rosso bought a Ford Transit and set off on an endless sales tour around Italy, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Refusing to give up in the face of countless "Why would we buy these? They look second hand" remarks, Rosso drove by night and visited shop after shop by day, determined to follow his intuition that these were jeans people really wanted to wear. Having only recently evolved from a working class uniform, Rosso completely transformed the market for jeans, and has since been credited for establishing the market for premium denim.

He founded Diesel in 1978, drawn towards the name for its international nature and alternative feel. A distinctive company from the outset, Rosso has always held sales and profit second to building something special and 'cool': "I want every teenager to dream of having Diesel jeans". It is this attitude that the now iconic Diesel advertising campaigns have always adopted, placing higher importance on engaging with customers than selling at them.

From the very beginning, he saw a truly global fashion market, at a time when many others failed to do so - one segmented not by borders but by lifestyle - and it was this lifestyle that he sold. Diesel has always been about a lot more than selling nice jeans - although they are estimated to have sold more than 100 million pairs since 1978. The whole design team lives the brand, meaning ideas come naturally out of a passion for the Diesel way of life.

Always ahead of the curve when it comes to new ideas and technology, Diesel was the first major fashion brand to embrace the internet, launching its own site in 1995. The brand has maintained a valuable relationship with the online community ever since, launching video advertising campaigns and famously celebrating its 30th anniversary with a 24 hour party, spread across 17 countries and streamed live over the internet.

Today, Diesel is part of Rosso's 'Only the Brave' group, alongside brands such as Viktor & Rolf and Maison Martin Margiela. An iconic premium casualwear brand, Diesel boasts a truly international appeal, with stand-alone stores spanning the entire globe, selling everything from fragrance to motorcycle attire.

In the spring of 2013, Rosso named Nicola Formichetti, the former stylist of Lady Gaga, as Diesel's first ever Artistic Director, claiming to have "finally met somebody as crazy as I am". Overseeing the total view of the brand, Formichetti's first project included launching a groundbreaking advertising campaign with Tumblr: #Reboot featuring prominent, young creatives ranging from graffiti artists to film students instead of common models, with varying body shapes, sizes and personal styles.






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Diesel Grey S-Uryan Camicia Camouflage Shirt


Diesel K-Manik Olive Green Crew Neck Knitted Sweater


Diesel Jurvilo Black Chevron Quilted Cotton Biker Jacket


Diesel K-Manik Grey Marl Crew Neck Knitted Sweater


Diesel Darron Dark Washed Denim Regular Slim-Tapered Fit Jeans


Diesel Darron Dark Washed Stretch Denim Regular Slim-Tapered Fit Jeans


Diesel Judy Lilac Floral Print Shirt


Diesel Alfred Green Pique Polo Shirt


Diesel Green SDP Zip-Through Hooded Jersey Sweatshirt


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Diesel Kane Green Marl Knitted Crew Neck Sweater


Diesel Grey SDP Zip-Through Hooded Jersey Sweatshirt


Diesel Suzanne Felpa 'Only The Brave' Hooded Jersey Sweatshirt


Diesel T-Goth Black & Red Diamante T-Shirt


Diesel T-Colty Navy & Ecru Stripe Cotton Sweater


Diesel T-Hagen White Road Print T-Shirt


Diesel T-Colty Olive Green & Ecru Stripe Cotton Sweater


Diesel Shrob-D Washed Black Lightweight Denim Shirt


Diesel T-Chirpo Light Grey Marl T-Shirt


Diesel T-Chirpo Moss Green Marl T-Shirt


Diesel T-Chirpo Blue Marl T-Shirt


Diesel T-Bert Blue Anywhere T-Shirt


Diesel T-Bert Black Anywhere T-Shirt


Diesel T-Bert White Anywhere T-Shirt


Diesel T-Leo Grey Oversized Leopard Print T-Shirt


Diesel T-Kalanit Moss Green Zip Placket Pique Polo Shirt


Diesel S-Tau Navy Pocket Sweatshirt


Diesel Shrob-D Washed Indigo Lightweight Denim Shirt


Diesel Ochre Cheopsy Hat

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Diesel T-Kritil Black Logo Print V-Neck T-Shirt

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