MA.Strum mens designer clothing

The MA.Strum brand was launched in 2009, developed to celebrate and further the design heritage of the famous Massimo Osti. Osti's work has revolutionised sportswear around the globe, distinguished by its innovative research into fabrics, unerring functionality, and timeless aesthetics.

It is this legacy that MA.Strum endeavour to build upon, marrying form and function in a fashion that goes beyond the aesthetic tastes of the modern customer, serving to fulfil their practical needs. It was Osti's belief that first and foremost, mens clothing must be functional, and it is with this conviction that MA.Strum develops each collection.

For Spring / Summer '14, the brand focuses on supporting the distance traveller and regular commuter alike. The collection centres on intelligent, lightweight fabrics, perfect for layering to meet the climate demands of each season. We see recognised MA.Strum signatures, such as chunky branded snaps and zips, alongside high density cotton sateens and stretch micro failles, each garment designed with utility and longevity in mind.

Here at Woodhouse Clothing, our fashion buyer has hand-picked the MA.Strum Cool Navy Front Hooded P-Jacket as the key piece for Spring. Constructed from waterproof high density cotton sateen with the brand's signature dazzle camo tricot lining, the jacket has been developed to offer extreme wind resistance whilst maintaining high breathability and moisture wicking performance - the perfect piece for the transition into warmer weather.



MA.Strum History & Philosophy

The MA.Strum collection was founded in 2008 by the brands principal designer Donrad Duncan, inspired by the style and design principles of Massimo Osti. Innovation, cutting-edge fabrics and diverse functionality were factors that Osti introduced to the world of fashion, and now Duncan wanted to use those very same principles with the new MA.Strum range. As a consequence, the Massimo Osti Studio (now run by Massimo Osti's widow and son Loranzo) decided to collaborate with Duncan to further develop the brand by utilising their first-hand experience of the original Osti collection.

From the collaboration, Donrad Duncan wanted to prioritise comfort so that the wearer would see the MA.Strum garment as a second skin that allowed full and unrestricted manoeuvrability. To achieve this Duncan used his expertise and experience of developing high-end sportswear to create breakthrough fabrics and innovative material designs that feature 'wearable technology'. The ideology behind the new brand being rhythm, music and life. This is epitomised in the MA.Strum brand name, which means '[M]astering the [A]rt and rhythm of life [Strum]'.

In January 2009, MA.Strum presented their first autumn outerwear collection to the media and retailers in Florence, during menswear week. Then in September of the same year the company had its retail launch in the U.K, officially bringing the brand and the MA.Strum range to the UK public. This 2009 range plus future pieces all incorporate forward thinking, innovatively distinctive designs and fabric technology that was pioneered by both Osti and Duncan.






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MA. Strum Blue Melange Knitted Cardigan


MA. Strum Bouchi Navy UV Shield Visor Hooded Jacket


MA. Strum Dark Navy Adjustable Length Field Mac


MA. Strum Red Alert Lightweight Down Padded Parka


MA. Strum Military Green Waxed Cotton Field Coat


MA. Strum Sulphur Gold Field Parka


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MA. Strum Dress Blues Sniper Cagoule


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MA. Strum Dusk Orange Knitted Sweater


MA.Strum Green & Grey Dazzle Camo Field Outershirt

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Now: £162  (35% off)

MA.Strum Cool Navy Front Hooded P-Jacket

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MA.Strum Navy & Grey Dazzle Camo Field Outershirt

Was: £250

Now: £162  (35% off)

MA.Strum Sulphur Gold Zip Front Outershirt

Was: £240

Now: £155  (35% off)

MA.Strum Freight Grey Hooded Zip Front Blouson Lightweight Jacket

Was: £295

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MA.Strum Gold Hooded Zip Front Blouson Lightweight Jacket

Was: £295

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MA.Strum Black Zip Front Outershirt

Was: £240

Now: £155  (35% off)