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Everyday millions of people trust PayPal to buy, sell and send money all in the name of security and frankly, we’re no different. There’s a world of ways to use PayPal and we’re here to help explain further. From direct payment to PayPal Credit or Pay in 3.

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PayPal Credit FAQs

Pay in 3 FAQs

What is PayPal Credit?

How are my minimum repayments calculated?

How does the 0% for 4 months offer work?

How do instalment offers with PayPal Credit work?

How do the different types of offers on my account interact?

How will my payments be allocated if I don’t pay off my full balance each month?

Can I change how my payments are allocated to pay an instalment offer back early?

How do I apply?

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

How long does it take to apply for/receive PayPal Credit?

I have a business account. How can I sign up for PayPal Credit?

How much will my credit limit be?

How do I make a payment?

How do I set up a direct debit?

When will my Direct Debit start?

I just opened up a PayPal Credit account, when is my payment due?

Can I setup payment due reminder alerts?

How long does it take for payments to reflect on my account?

What if I can’t pay?

I’ve been using PayPal for a while now. How can I find out when my PayPal Credit payment is due?

How do I manage my PayPal Credit account?

Where can I find my statements?

How do I close my PayPal Credit account?

Where can I use PayPal Credit?

How do I select PayPal Credit as my funding source?

Will I receive alerts on my mobile phone for transaction made on my account?

Are there any businesses or types of goods for which I cannot use PayPal Credit?

Can I transfer money to family and friends or my bank account using my PayPal Credit?

Can I get cash with my credit account?

Does PayPal Credit protect me from unauthorised charges?

Are there any fees I should be aware of?

Is there an annual fee?

How do I increase my credit limit?

Can I apply for a credit limit increase?

What are the eligibility criteria for a credit limit increase?

My credit limit has increased automatically. How can I reduce this back to its original limit?

If I change my preferences when I have a pending credit limit increase offer, will it apply to the pending offer?

What options are available to me for credit limit increases?

My credit limit increase offer has expired. Can I still get it?

Can I keep my existing limit and opt out of the credit limit decrease?

Is a credit check completed as part of my credit limit decrease?

I have been declined for PayPal Credit. Why?

What is a Representative APR and what is the Representative APR for PayPal?

What does subject to approval mean?

Is there a cooling off period if I want to close my PayPal Credit account?

I accidently used PayPal Credit for a purchase how can I clear my purchase?

Does PayPal Buyer Protection apply to my PayPal Credit purchases?